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About the department
     The main aim of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is to develop enterprising professionals who have an innovative thoughts, the confidence and abilities to assume leadership roles in technology, business and the community. The program is designed to give the skills essential for graduate engineers to become immediately employable in the global competitive environment. Improving teaching methodologies is one of the main concerns of the department in order to maintain high quality teaching standards. The department also aspires to the development of scientific research in order to improve teaching quality, to enrich staff knowledge and to prepare students for pursuing further studies at the post graduate level. The department offers a four-year Bachelors course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with an annual intake of 60. All the faculty members in the Department are post graduates. In the year 2013, we extended our department to a PG level by introduced M.Tech program.

Courses offered
1) B.Tech (E.E.E.)
2) M.Tech (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives)
3) Polytechnic (2nd shift)