Cr# Parameter Write up – Addl documents Date templates - SOP documents
1.1.1 Curriculum delivery Document Document Doc-a
1.1.2 Adheres to the academic calendar Document Document
1.1.3 Teachers of the  Institution participate   Document Doc-a  Doc-b
1.2.1 Programs with CBCS/Electives   Document
1.2.2 Add on/ Certification programs   Document
1.2.3 % Students enrolled for certification courses   Document 
1.3.1 Value added courses  Document Document
1.3.2 No of Field projects/internships   Doc-1 Doc-a Doc-b
1.3.3 % of students - Field projects/internships    Document
1.4.1 Feedback from stakeholders   Document
1.4.2 Analysis, action taken   Document