Cr# Parameter Write up – Addl documents Date templates - SOP documents
4.1.1 Adequate Academic infra Document  
4.1.2 Adequate A&C, S&G  infra Document  Document
4.1.3 % Classroom with ICT    
4.1.4 Avg infra augment exp    Document1 Document2
4.2.1 Library automation    Document
4.2.2 e-resources sub    Document
4.2.3 Avgexp library    Document
4.2.4 % usage of the library    Document
4.3.1 IT facilities upgrade Document Year-wise summary of computers upgradation
4.3.2 Students-computer ratio    Document1 Document2
4.3.3 Bandwidth >50MBPS   Document1 Document2
4.4.1 Maintenance expense   Document1 Document2
4.4.2 Maintenance policy Document