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Cr# Parameter Write up – Addl documents Date templates - SOP documents
6.1.1 Governance of Institution    Document
6.1.2 Effective leadership, decentralization & PM   Document, Committies 
6.2.1 QI strategies adopted   Document
6.2.2 Functions of institutional bodies    Document,  6.2.2_Organogram
6.2.3 e-Governance    Document, ERP, Screen Shots
6.3.1 Welfare Measures Document  Document
6.3.2 Financial support for conf/ memberships   Document, Audit Reports, HR Policy
6.3.3 FDP/SDPs organised   Document, Summary Report
6.3.4 Faculty attended FDPs   Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, Doc4
6.3.5 Performance appraisal    
6.4.1 Financial audits   Document
6.4.2 Funds/grants received from NGO/ philanthropers    
6.4.3 Corpus generated   Document
6.5.1 IQAC strategies and process    
6.5.2 Audits by IQAC    
6.5.3 No. of Quality initiatives   Document



Download this file (6.1.1.pdf)6.1.1[ ]
Download this file (6.2.2 Service Rules HR policies.pdf)6.2.2[ ]
Download this file (6.2.3.pdf)6.2.3[ ]
Download this file (6.3.1.pdf)6.3.1 Addl[ ]
Download this file (6.3.2.pdf)6.3.2[ ]
Download this file (HR Policy.pdf)HR Policy[ ]