Welcome to Department of Science & Humanities

About the Department
     It is well known that the strength of engineering college lies in the academic wealth of the Department of Humanities and Sciences. This department in the college is rich with highly qualified faculty committed to quality teaching in Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry, Management Science and Environment Science. Faculty is also actively involved in research and function with 'excellence' as their motto.
     It is a well known fact that Engineering and Technology has thrown open the universes for us, while transforming the world into a 'global village'. A particularly significant effect of the many uses that humans have devised for technology has been in dissolving knowledge boundaries or in coalescing of disciplines. Humanities & Sciences have traditionally formed the bedrock on which Engineering education gets actualized, thereby exerting a catalytic influence on Engineering and Technology. The department faculty has keen research interests, the driving force being the desire to constantly update their knowledge and skills. Highly motivated and experienced, they create a conducive learning environment brimming with ideas and thoughts.