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Vikas College of Engineering & Technology has a set of high values and standards for the improvement of student and faculty. Combination of learning and curiosity of actions from the institution for years provide good actions. Externally, it was driven to deliver our mission and convinced of the transformative power of education to them for their betterment. The institution has distinct characteristics which have guided multi-disciplinary academic programmers as well as in social-cultural disciplines. We aim to deliver an exceptional education and to make significant contributions to society-locally and nationally. Institution consistently inspires students and provides a platform for methodological skill development, multidisciplinary scheme development and ethical, human value development. Focus of the institution was always on the vision, mission and working methodology to assure the standard of the students performance through value added education. Our college collectively seeks solutions to address the issues relating to a comprehensive and all-encompassing strategy for the development of students. This emphasis is to create an enabling ecosystem of equal opportunities for education and health. With the belief of academic and technical excellence, Institution stimulates and support students to participate in various rural developmental activities. The rural area where a higher education institution of this magnitude can contribute greatly towards local development and promotion of the rural public. The college has at all times shown willingness to adopt new dealings for the enrichment of values among faculty members and students in order to make them better residents. Thus all faculty members and students of our College are fortified to participate in social activities. 

  1. It's a rural college campus about 100acres located in a area where only BSNL signal are available no other cell network, hence students are not disturbed with cell phone chats. The college is located 19thkms radially distance from the heart of the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. The college promotes the socially downtrodden students who hail from rural Areas. The aim of Jaati pitha Mahatma Gandhi’s Grama Swarajya can be fulfilled. It also suppout to uplift the literacy rate among the rural people .  the  motto is to develop global professionals from local people
  2. All students come through college bus only as there is no public road or transport upto 7 Kms. The students also protected from Motor bike accidents etc. So that the students are secured with fresh air during their drive to college with noise free environment. The study atmosphere is not get disturbed.
  3. College is a green campus surrounded by hills, mango plantations  and greenery and the remaining is of forest land on the other sides thus making completely pollution free campus.
  4. Live like a family through  celebrating  various cultural and religious festivals together like Ugadi, pongal, republic day, Vanabhojanalu during the karteeka masam etc.
  5. During summer mangoes are distributed  for faculty and staff the students can get for reasonable price, where they can happily consume the mangoes with their family members
  6. Special training on behalf of the state government is provided for Grama/ Ward sachivalayam training program for sachivalayam staff was conducted in our college as there enough residential accommodation.
  7. Our campus has got 5  number of rainwater harvesting pits which are designed to absorb more than 1 lakh litres of water in a  year. This helps to improve the groundwater table considerably.

The college also got constructed 3 rainwater check dams which is helpful to percolating the rainwater and there by helps to improve the ground water table in the college premises. The college also having construction of rainwater harvesting ponds to store the water. This enables making use of instant water and also improving the ground water table. Our efforts are very much useful for the small birds and animals to trench the thirsty during the summer. The college protects the biodiversity, environmental balance and living echo friendly environment of the small birds and animals.