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Program Outcomes (PO'S):
PO 01:
Ability to apply the knowledge of fundamental concepts of science, mathematics and engineering field to solve computer science and engineering problems.
PO 02:
Ability to demonstrate programming, analytical, logical and problem solving skills.
PO 03:
Ability to design, develop, test and debug the computer based system, program, process, or component to meet the specified requirements.
PO 04:
Ability to identify, formulate and analyze complex computer science and engineering problems by designing experiments, analysis and interpretation of data.
PO 05:
Ability to use current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practice.
PO 06:
Ability to understand the impact of issues pertaining to professional, legal, ethical and social responsibilities of computing.
PO 07:
Ability to work individually, as a team member or a leader in multidisciplinary teams.
PO 08:
Ability to communicate effectively with a range of audience.
PO 09:
Ability to effectively communicate technical information by preparing design documents, writing technical reports and making presentations.
PO 10:
Develop interest for continuing education and for lifelong learning.