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  • 5.2.1 Average percentage of placement of outgoing students during the last five years
  • 5.2.2 Average percentage of students  progressing to higher education  during the last five years
  • 5.2.3 Average percentage of students qualifying in state/national/ international level examinations during the last five years. (Eg: JAM/GATE/ CLAT/GMAT/CAT/GRE/ TOEFL/ Civil Services/State government examinations, etc.)


Download this file (5.2.1 FINAL 2019-20.pdf)5.2.1 FINAL 2019-20[PLACEMENTS]
Download this file (5.2.1 FINAL TO UPLOAD.pdf)5.2.1 FINAL[PLACEMENTS]
Download this file (5.2.2 FINAL LAST 5 YEARS.pdf)5.2.2 FINAL LAST 5 YEARS[PLACEMENTS]
Download this file (5.2.3.xls)5.2.3[Placements]