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Roles & Responsibilities of the Chief Superintendent:

  • The Principal is the Chief Superintendent of University Examination.
  • To appoint Examination In-Charge in consultation with the Management.
  • To appoint Examination Committee Members in coordination with HOD’s and Examination In-Charge.
  • To appoint internal Flying Squad, Invigilators and other human resources for smooth conducting of examination in the College in coordination with Examination In-Charge.
  • To interact with University for exam related works.
  • To head Unfair Means Committee during examination.
  • To appoint internal and external examiners for paper assessment in coordination with HOD’s and Examination In-Charge.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Examination In-charge(s):

  • Responsible for the due custody of the records Pertaining to his/her work.
  • Shall have administrative control over the members working under him/her.
  • Shall conduct the Examinations (College, University, Govt. /Private) and therefore make all other arrangements and be responsible for the due execution of all processes connected therewith.
  • Any other duty/responsibility assigned by the Principal.