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Extension Activities


3.4.1 Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing students to social issues and holistic development during the last five years



 The institute’s vision envisages offering sustainable livelihoods, enhance the well-being of neighborhood community through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions and developing ethical and socially responsible engineers who contribute to society and work in harmony with nature. Conforming to the vision, the institute encourages NSS wing of the Institute which has been functional since last decade with a mandate to carry out extension activities in pursuit of its service to community and society. There have been multifarious activities in the Institute involving the students with the objective of sensitizing about various social issues and strengthening community participation for the holistic development.


1) Various initiatives taken to sensitize students towards social issues are:

  • Issues related to Environment and Sustainability is taken care of in the Engineering curriculum through courses such as Environmental Science.
  • Institute is proactive in sensitizing and promoting gender equality. Women's Day, etc. are also celebrated as part of Gender sensitization programmes. 
  • The Institute, in its outreach programmes, always gives priority to the needs of the marginalized people especially women and children from the under privileged sections of society.


2)     Various activities undertaken to engage faculty, students and staff in the neighborhood community are:




  • In keeping with the Swacchh Bharat initiatives, students voluntarily carried out Swacchh Bharat cleanliness drives within and around the college campus.




  • Institute is striving hard to inculcate environment consciousness among students, faculty and staff members. Multiple times, tree plantation drive was taken up by NSS team. On World Environment Day amidst pandemic situation, tree plantation drive was organized. 
  • E-Waste collection is carried out through e-waste Re-cycle bins placed at campus. 
  • Under the banner of NSS conducted multiple workshops for creating awareness and preparedness for Disaster Management.
  • A campaign on “No to Plastic” has been carried out by the students in the campus. 
  • Helmet Awareness Week is conducted every year to create awareness about the importance of wearing helmet by two wheelers.



  • There have been Voluntary Blood Donation Drives. More than 100 students and faculty donated blood. 


3)     Learning of the students from above Extension Activities: 

  • Build up involvement and fostering attitude to contribute towards societal issues and community Problems.
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility and interest in environment-related issues. Cater to students’ holistic development