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  • Students selected in Path Front Technologies,Bangalore.

The Vikas College of Engineering & Technology Central Library encourages every student to use the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college.


Vikas College of Engineering & Technology,Nunna, Vijayawada is the only destination for high quality education comprising almost areas of studies such as Engineering


Vikas college of Engineering & technology has exhalent transport facility from all parts of Vijayawada, Vuyyuru, Kankipapu, Penamaluru, Gannavaram, surampalli, Mustabad, Mangalagiri...

Vikas College of Engineering and Technology has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the TnP Cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes. The list of companies which selected our students for job placements: