Embedded Systems


The M.Tech program in Embedded Systems at Vikas College is designed to offer an in-depth understanding of embedded system design and implementation. This advanced course bridges the gap between electronic engineering and computer science, focusing on subjects like Embedded C, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Microcontrollers & Applications, and Embedded Hardware Design. Students gain expertise in the intricacies of designing, developing, and optimizing embedded systems that are integral to various modern technologies.

Core courses like Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, and Embedded System Architecture provide a robust foundation. Practical application is a key component, with labs equipped for PCB Design, FPGA-based System Design, and software tools like KEIL µVision, LabVIEW, and MATLAB. The program is ideal for those aspiring to delve into the complexities of embedded system development, from hardware design to software integration.

Advanced Research Focus

The M.Tech in Embedded Systems program emphasizes research, pushing the envelope in embedded technology development. Students engage in innovative research projects in burgeoning areas like IoT Device Development, Automotive Embedded Systems, Wearable Technology, and Drone Technology.

Research modules include work on cutting-edge projects like ‘Development of Low-Power IoT Devices for Smart Cities’ or ‘Autonomous Navigation Systems for Unmanned Vehicles.’ Seminars and interactive sessions with industry and academic research leaders are regularly organized, ensuring students are up-to-date with current research methodologies and breakthroughs in embedded systems.

Industry Integration and Projects

Our program maintains strong ties with the embedded systems industry. Students are involved in real-world projects and internships, providing invaluable industry exposure. Collaborations with leading tech firms allow students to work on projects involving Embedded Control Systems, Consumer Electronics Design, and Automotive System Integration.

These partnerships help in organizing guest lectures and workshops by industry professionals, offering insights into emerging industry trends and opportunities in sectors like telecommunications, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics.

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