Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)


Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)


The B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Data Science at Vikas College is a pioneering field of study that blends scientific methods and techniques from diverse disciplines. This program is uniquely positioned to harness the power of both structured and unstructured data, offering a groundbreaking approach to understanding and utilizing information. It’s designed for students who aspire to be at the forefront of technological and data-driven innovations.

The curriculum is anchored in a strong foundation of Statistics, Data Analysis, and Programming, enriched with advanced knowledge in Machine Learning and Business Vision. Our department, renowned for its research excellence, is backed by experienced faculty who are deeply engaged in teaching and research. We maintain robust ties with the industry, actively engaging in emerging research areas, sponsored projects, and consultancy services. This synergy between academia and industry ensures a curriculum that is both relevant and forward-thinking.

Why Study CSE in Data Science?

Choosing to study CSE in Data Science at Vikas College means stepping into a field that is revolutionizing the way we understand and interact with the world. Data Science stands at the intersection of technology, business, and decision-making. It’s not just about handling data but about translating it into actionable insights that drive progress and innovation.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum:
Our program combines the rigor of Computer Science with the innovative aspects of Data Science. You’ll learn to extract meaningful information from massive datasets, enabling businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Impact Across Sectors:
Data Science is pivotal in various industries. Whether it’s improving patient outcomes in healthcare, optimizing operations in manufacturing, or enhancing customer experiences in e-commerce, your skills will have a far-reaching impact.

Future-Proof Career:
With the increasing relevance of big data, AI, and machine learning, expertise in Data Science is more in demand than ever. This program prepares you not just for today’s jobs but for the careers of the future.

In a world increasingly driven by data, a degree in CSE with a specialization in Data Science from Vikas College equips you with the skills to lead and innovate in this exciting and ever-evolving field.

Program Learning Outcomes

The CSE in Data Science program aims to produce graduates who are not only technically proficient but also possess a deep understanding of mathematical and statistical reasoning. This program equips students with the essential skills to thrive in the evolving landscape of data science and artificial intelligence.

Key Learning Outcomes:
Interdisciplinary Expertise: Students will develop a robust knowledge base across Statistics, Data Analysis, Programming, Machine Learning, and Business Vision.

Practical Application: The ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, particularly in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics.

Critical Thinking: Cultivating mathematical and statistical thinking to comprehend and analyze data effectively.

Advanced Skill Set: Preparing students with cross-disciplinary skills essential for roles such as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists.

This program is not just about learning the tools and techniques; it’s about developing a new way of thinking that is essential in the data-driven world.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the CSE in Data Science program have an array of career opportunities across diverse sectors. In the last decade, data science has emerged as a highly dynamic, rapidly growing field with lucrative career prospects.

Industry-Wide Demand:
With skills in Data Science, graduates are equipped to work in sectors such as Healthcare, Business, E-Commerce, Social Networking, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Banking. The program specifically prepares students for roles such as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists.

Strong Industry Links and Placement Support:
The college’s placement cell, industry partners, and alumni network provide robust support for internships and job placements. Our graduates are well-positioned for roles in prestigious firms like Capgemini, IBM, Oracle, Publicis Sapient, and Wipro Ltd. The curriculum is designed to align with the requirements of industries in finance, business, economics, and healthcare.

Global Opportunities and Advanced Studies:
The program offers study abroad options and partnerships with overseas universities. Students have the opportunity to enroll in integrated Master’s programs at partner institutions after completing three years of the B.Tech program, opening doors to global opportunities.

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