Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Vikas College of Engineering and Technology is a hub of advanced research and high-quality education in the field. With a distinguished faculty possessing rich experience in both teaching and research, the department is dedicated to delivering top-class education and fostering active industry-academic collaborations. Our areas of research are diverse and cutting-edge, encompassing fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud & Fog Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Deep Learning, Image Processing, and more.

Our curriculum is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of engineering in their first year, gradually progressing to specialized computer science subjects. This comprehensive approach covers essential areas like Programming, Advanced Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Networks, and Operating Systems, along with emerging topics like Blockchain Technology and Augmented Reality.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our CSE program at Vikas College is structured around key educational objectives and outcomes, ensuring that our graduates are fully prepared for successful careers in technology.

Program Educational Objectives:

Technical Proficiency: Our graduates will possess the technical knowledge necessary for effective participation in the high technology workforce, making impactful contributions to the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
Professional Career Preparation: We prepare our graduates for diverse professional careers, emphasizing the design and development of a wide array of applications to drive economic growth and societal benefit.
Lifelong Learning and Communication: Our curriculum emphasizes lifelong learning, professional development, and effective communication skills, particularly for non-technical stakeholders in computer and software systems.

Program Outcomes :

The program outcomes range from a strong foundation in engineering knowledge to the ability to engage in lifelong learning. Graduates will be adept in problem analysis, solution design, experimentation, modern tool usage, understanding of societal and environmental impacts, ethical practice, teamwork, communication, project management, and financial literacy.

Program Specific Outcomes:

Foundations of Computer Science: Students will gain a robust understanding of computer science principles and possess professional skills in software design.
Innovation in Computing Applications: The program equips students to innovatively apply theoretical and practical computing concepts across interdisciplinary domains.

Career Opportunities

CSE graduates from Vikas College have a wide array of career opportunities. The expanding scope of computing in various sectors has created a vast market for skilled professionals. Core companies and government organizations, including DRDO, ISRO, ECIL, and BHEL, are keen on hiring our graduates. Additionally, there’s substantial demand in multinational and national software companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, TCS, and Infosys.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories, consistent placement records, and strong industry connections position our graduates for success in numerous roles. These include areas like AI & ML, Cyber Security, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and more. The curriculum’s alignment with industry 4.0 standards ensures that our students are well-equipped to meet the demands of modern technological challenges, both in India and globally. This extensive network not only provides immediate job opportunities but also opens doors for advanced studies and research in trending technological domains.

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