Systems and Signal Processing


Systems and Signal Processing


The M.Tech program in Systems and Signal Processing at Vikas College of Engineering and Technology is a highly specialized course designed for deep academic and practical exploration in the field. This program offers a blend of advanced theory and practical application in areas like Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing, Image and Video Processing, and Multirate Systems. Students will engage with state-of-the-art methodologies and tools, preparing them for complex challenges in signal processing and system design.

Key courses include Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, and Spectrum Estimation Theory, offering an in-depth understanding of signal behavior and manipulation. The program also covers contemporary topics like Machine Learning for Signal Processing and Neural Networks, ensuring students are well-versed in cutting-edge techniques. Labs equipped with MATLAB, Simulink, and DSP Processors provide hands-on experience in applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our M.Tech in Systems and Signal Processing program is heavily research-driven, encouraging students to delve into innovative and emerging areas of the field. The curriculum includes a robust research component, where students undertake projects in advanced topics such as Biomedical Signal Processing, Wireless Communication Systems, and Sensor Array Processing.
Students have opportunities to contribute to groundbreaking research projects like ‘Deep Learning Techniques in Image Reconstruction’ or ‘Advanced Algorithms for 5G Communication Systems.’ The program fosters a collaborative research environment, with seminars and interactive sessions conducted by leading experts in signal processing and systems engineering. The aim is to cultivate a new generation of engineers who are not only technically adept but also capable of pioneering new research in the field.

Industry Integration and Projects

The M.Tech in Systems and Signal Processing program at Vikas College maintains a strong alignment with industry needs. Students are engaged in industry-centric projects and internships, providing them with exposure to real-world applications and challenges. Collaborations with tech companies and research organizations enable students to work on contemporary projects such as ‘Advanced DSP Algorithms for Audio and Speech Processing’ or ‘Signal Processing Strategies for IoT Applications.’

Our industry connections also facilitate workshops and training sessions on the latest tools and software used in the industry, such as advanced MATLAB toolboxes and real-time signal processing platforms. Students gain practical experience and insights into industry best practices, enhancing their employability and readiness for dynamic roles in technology and research sectors.

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