Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


The M.Tech in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives at Vikas College of Engineering and Technology is a specialized program designed to equip students with advanced knowledge in the field of power electronics, electric drives, and energy systems. This course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key areas such as Advanced Power Converters, Electric Motor Drives, Renewable Energy Systems, and Control Theory.

Students are engaged in subjects like Power Quality, Switch Mode Power Supplies, and Vector Control of AC Drives, blending in-depth theory with practical applications. The program also emphasizes the use of simulation and modeling tools, including MATLAB/Simulink and PLECS, providing hands-on experience in designing and analyzing power electronic systems and electrical drives. This course is ideal for those aspiring to develop a robust understanding of modern power systems and their applications in industry.

Advanced Research Focus

The M.Tech program in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives fosters a strong research environment. Students are encouraged to engage in cutting-edge research in areas like Advanced Electric Vehicle Technology, Smart Grids, and Energy Storage Systems.

Research projects might include ‘Development of Efficient Inverters for Solar Energy Systems’ or ‘Design of Advanced Control Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles.’ The faculty, experts in their respective fields, guide students through the nuances of research, ensuring they are well-equipped to contribute to innovations in power electronics and electrical drives. The program also integrates workshops and guest lectures by leading researchers, offering insights into the latest trends and breakthroughs in the field.

Industry Integration and Projects

Our program strongly emphasizes industry integration to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical industry applications. Collaborations with leading companies in power systems, renewable energy, and automotive industries provide valuable opportunities for students.

The M.Tech program in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives at Vikas College is uniquely positioned to prepare graduates who are technically adept, research-inclined, and industry-ready, capable of leading innovations in the dynamic field of power systems and electrical drives.

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