Training (PDP)

Training (PDP)

Placement Training at Vikas

Since its inception in 2008, the Training & Placement (T&P) Cell at Vikas College of Engineering & Technology has been dedicated to supporting students in achieving their career goals. With the rapid evolution of the tech industry and other sectors, our T&P Department has transformed to effectively bridge the gap between engineering academics and industry expectations. Under the expert guidance of our Executive Director, Keerthi Naredla, who brings extensive experience from the US Tech industry, we have developed a robust plan to enhance our training and placement initiatives.


Bridging the Gap Between Academics & Industry Expectations

Every student begins their B.Tech journey without the complete knowledge and skills required for the industry. At Vikas, we relentlessly work over four years to bridge this gap. Half of this gap is fulfilled through innovative teaching and learning methods by our amazing faculty, who impart strong foundational knowledge of theory and labs, as determined by the curriculum. This is backed by effective examinations, assignments, result analysis, and feedback. 

The remaining 50% of the gap is addressed by our Professional Development Program (PDP), which is key to shaping students’ future careers. From their first year onwards, students are rigorously prepared for various opportunities and career paths they can explore during and after B.Tech. 

Our Professional Development Program is continuously updated to align with the industry’s increasing demands and our students’ evolving needs. This program integrates student leadership and problem-solving skills into every academic and extracurricular activity. Vikas students engage in Core Course Certifications, Projects, Hackathons, Ideaathons, Technical Conferences, and Tech Fests, both within and outside the college campus.

Additionally, students are prepared for standardised assessments conducted by top organisations such as Cocubes, AMCAT, Superset, Company-specific exams, Elitmus, NASSCOM, and TCS ION, with most of these assessments organized within the campus Vikas College of Engineering & Technology ensures that students are well-prepared to meet industry expectations and excel in their careers through a combination of innovative teaching methods and a comprehensive Professional Development Program.

Our Esteemed Collaborations

We are proud to partner with top companies in the tech industry to train our students on advanced skills necessary to stand out in this competitive world. Our collaborations with industry giants such as Google, IBM, Cisco, AWS, RedHat, Capgemini, and others enhance our curriculum and provide our students and faculty with unparalleled access to cutting-edge technologies and insights. Our ongoing efforts to expand this network of partners are crucial as we continue to uplift the potential of our students and faculty.

Renowned Alumni

We are proud to share some of our renowned alumni, who have made significant contributions to the industry and inspire our current students.

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