Mechanical Engineering


At Vikas College of Engineering and Technology, the Department of Mechanical Engineering stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and led by highly qualified and experienced faculty members, the department is a fusion of advanced academic learning and practical skill development. Students are immersed in an environment where they are trained on the latest versions of mechanical software packages including AutoCAD, ANSYS, Solid Works, Solid Edge, FEMAP, Pro/ENGINEER 4.0, Master CAM, and FLUENT, among others.

The department boasts special-purpose machines like CNC Lathe and CNC Milling, providing hands-on experience in manufacturing and design. Faculty expertise spans the major areas of Mechanical Engineering: Design, Thermal, Production, and Industrial Engineering, complemented by a strong record of research publications in top-tier international and national journals and conferences.

Our focus is on creating an intellectually stimulating environment where undergraduate students are not just educated but are inspired to achieve their maximum potential. Faculty members mentor students in both fundamental and applied research, ensuring they are well-rounded, innovative, and prepared for the challenges of modern engineering. We emphasize experiential learning, encouraging active classroom and laboratory participation and special interests within a subject area. Vikas College’s Mechanical Engineering curriculum is designed to impart foundational skills that enable students to understand, exploit, and enhance mechanical aspects of advanced engineering devices and systems.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives:

Foundational Excellence: We aim to imbue our students with a profound theoretical knowledge base in core areas of Mechanical Engineering—Design, Manufacturing, Thermal, Industrial Engineering and Management—supplemented with modern analytical and computational tools.

Practical and Field Excellence: The program is structured to enable students to excel in their chosen field through hands-on projects, industry visits, internships, and research assignments in societal and entrepreneurial contexts.

Professional and Ethical Leadership: Graduating students with confidence, ethical fortitude, and a drive for lifelong learning to lead in their professional endeavors.

Program Outcomes:
Engineering Knowledge: Our graduates will demonstrate mastery in applying mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals to solve complex engineering problems.
Problem Analysis: They will excel in identifying, formulating, and analyzing complex engineering problems to reach substantiated conclusions using foundational principles.

Design and Development: They will be adept at designing solutions for complex engineering problems, considering public health, safety, and environmental factors.

Investigative Skills: They will use research-based knowledge and methodologies to conduct complex problem investigations, providing valid conclusions.

Modern Tool Usage: Students will be proficient in selecting and applying appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools, including IT tools for complex engineering tasks.

Project Management: Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles for project management in multidisciplinary environments.

Lifelong Learning: Recognizing the need for, and having the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes:
Automobile Design and Fabrication: Graduates will have the expertise to design, analyze, validate, and fabricate various types of automobiles using fundamental concepts, practical skills, and advanced mechanical software tools.

Industry-Ready Skills: Our graduates will possess the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the industry, along with the requisite aptitude, communication skills, and ethical understanding.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Mechanical Engineering department at Vikas College of Engineering and Technology are primed for a wide array of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. Our comprehensive training and exposure to both theoretical knowledge and practical applications prepare students for diverse roles in the engineering sector.

Wide-Ranging Industrial Roles:
Our alumni find successful careers in design, manufacturing, thermal, and industrial engineering. With their expertise, they become integral parts of teams in automotive industries, aerospace sectors, energy and utilities, and manufacturing firms.

Public Sector and Research Institutions:
They are well-equipped for roles in government projects and public sector undertakings, contributing to national development in infrastructure, defense, and energy sectors. Their involvement extends to research institutions where they lead or participate in innovative projects, shaping the future of mechanical engineering.

Private Sector Opportunities:
In the private sector, our graduates are highly sought after by top companies in automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Roles range from design engineers to project managers, where they apply their skills in creating and managing cutting-edge products and processes. Companies like Nissan, Ashok Leyland, BHEL, and Schneider Electric are just a few of the industry giants where our alumni have made their mark.

Advanced Technologies and Automation:
With the department’s emphasis on advanced technologies like CNC machining and software such as ANSYS and SolidWorks, graduates are well-prepared for careers in automation and smart manufacturing, leading advancements in Industry 4.0.

International Career Prospects:
The global demand for skilled mechanical engineers opens up international career opportunities for our graduates. They contribute to international projects, bringing their expertise to a global audience and collaborating with diverse teams across borders.

Entrepreneurship and Consultancy:
Equipped with a solid foundation in mechanical engineering principles and industry trends, some graduates venture into entrepreneurship, starting their own firms or consultancies. This path allows them to implement innovative ideas and solutions, driving technological and economic growth.

Further Education and Specialization:
Many of our graduates pursue further education, specializing in fields like robotics, renewable energy, or advanced materials. This pursuit of higher education, whether in India or abroad, enhances their expertise and opens doors to academic and research careers.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Growth:
We instill in our graduates the importance of lifelong learning and staying abreast of technological advancements. This ensures their continual growth and relevance in a rapidly evolving field, positioning them as leaders and innovators in mechanical engineering.

At Vikas College of Engineering and Technology, we pride ourselves on shaping mechanical engineers who are not just technically proficient, but also innovators, leaders, and contributors to the advancement of technology and society.

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