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  • To collect information and maintain records regarding the number of staff and students belonging to SC/ST categories in the college.
  • To supervise and see that the admissions to the colleges and hostels are made in accordance with the reservation policy declared by the State Government from time to time.
  • To maintain details of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.
  • To collect information regarding course-wise admissions to candidates belonging to the SC/ST in the College on an annual basis.
  • To analyze information on admissions, education, training and employment of SCs and STs. Prepare reports for transmission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development/University Grants Commission and such other authorities as may be required.



  • The member Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee, shall prepare a provisional agenda for meeting.
  • It shall be circulated to all Members of the Committee two days before meeting.
  • All the decisions should be taken on the basis of majority.
  • After the meeting, the Committee shall approve a report embodying its views, recommendations and decisions.