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About the Department
     Civil engineering includes the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of large and permanent engineering projects of our civilization. Civil engineers are in demand wherever there are people. The major subdivisions of civil engineering are structural, geotechnical, environmental, sanitary, water resources, and transportation engineering.
The civil engineer is responsible for such projects as bridges and large buildings, dams, and other river and harbor work, municipal water supply and sanitation facilities, streets, highways, and other transportation facilities. On many projects, civil engineers work in close cooperation with engineers and scientists from other fields.

     The Civil Engineering Department will excel in student instruction, in consultancy in all sub-divisions of civil engineering, and in service to the public consistent with the mission of the college. The Department will make significant contributions to the Civil Engineering discipline in the form of well trained Civil Engineering graduates, giving the confidence to them to face the challenges of the discipline and to make the necessary Engineering judgement.

     The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive B.Tech students for a successful career in civil engineering; to provide advanced skills and knowledge in state-of-the-art research and design in sub-areas of civil engineering for M.Tech students; and to provide service to the university, engineering profession, and the public.

About the HOD

K.K.D.Vara Prasad Rao M.Tech, MISTE, IELTS 

Courses Offered
B.Tech (CIVIL)